Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Timely Antique Repairs Will Appraise the Value of Your Antique Furniture

Most antique furniture is known to be crafted by hand and this is also one of the main factors that make antiques priceless. When it comes to restoring and repairing antique furniture, it is very important for you to hire a wood craftsman schooled in the traditional ways of making furniture. Only such craftsmen possess skills and sensibilities to ensure that your antiques are not damaged during the restoration process. Reputed companies that offer antique repairs are capable of fixing all types of intricately carved furniture without letting anything affect the value of your valuables.

What Type Of Repairs Can Be Carried Out On Antique Furniture?

Depending upon the historical period during which your antique chair or table were made, most of these designs are prone to have some inherent design weaknesses, due to which the furniture may suffer from splits along the grain of the wood or a disjoint in the struts. Other problems that antique furniture generally encounter are, discoloration, chipped carvings, fading of the varnish, dust accumulation within intricate filigree on the furniture, etc. All these problems can be resolved easily and successfully only if you choose to take your antiques to a qualified and experienced antique repairs expert. After initial assessment of your furniture, they will suggest a suitable solution to ensure that your antiques get better to serve you for many more years.

Importance of Restoring Antiques

Antiques are very difficult to restore and any attempt at doing it in an unprofessional manner can reduce the value of your antiques. Professional restoration procedures involve many steps which is sometimes time consuming and expensive depending upon the level of antique repairs your assets require. Whether your furniture is valuable or not, restoring the finish and repairing damages can greatly improve the usefulness and beauty of your furniture. Older wood finishes get readily damaged by aging and dampness which can make your antiques unsightly. Therefore, it is important to maintain your valuable piece of furniture by getting them polished and repaired regularly.

Important Things to Consider

If you are planning to restore your old furniture and antiques, the first thing you need to do is, choose a good antique repairs professional to perform the task. Because, only they understand the importance of using traditional products such as lacquer or shellac for finish. You need to ensure that your chosen restoration service provider uses only authentic materials and products that do not reduce the value of your antiques. They should also use safe methods for stripping and cleaning your furniture and use the traditional staining methods to bring out al l the highlights in your antique piece.