Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Causes of Primary and Secondary Bedwetting

Most children wet their beds at night at a certain age. Parents need not be alarmed as most cases are considered as normal part of their growing up. However, parents have to understand the reasons or the causes why their children are suffering from it. They do not have to blame their children or to think that their kids are lazy or just disobedient. Children in general do not like to wet their beds on purpose and they would also want to stop it as much as their parents would like to.

Child bedwetting problems are those who have been suffering from the problem without any break for a long period of time. Children who are unable to keep themselves dry in the night may have underdeveloped nervous system. They are not able to recognize the signals that they have to wake up in the night when their bladders are full. This problem may be compounded by the children's inability to hold their urine the entire time when they are sleeping.

Children may not be awakened even if they are emptying their bladder while they are asleep and they may also be producing a bigger amount of urine in the night. Other times children exhibit poor toilet habits when they are awake at daytime. All of these may contribute to primary bedwetting problems among children.

Secondary bedwetting among children is characterized by being dry for sometime before the bedwetting occurred. Children may be suffering from medical conditions or emotional problems that are triggering the bedwetting. At times children also experience daytime bedwetting as well. This may due to urinary tract infections that need to be diagnosed and treated. Some children may have other medical problems aside from the urinary tract infection like anatomical abnormality that affects the organs, the muscles or the nerves that are involved in the releasing of urine from the body.

Some children who urinate frequently and wet their beds at night may also be suffering from illnesses like diabetes. Other causes of secondary bedwetting causes neurological problems and other diseases affecting the nervous system. Children who are undergoing very stressful lives at home and who are affected emotionally may also exhibit bedwetting problems. Children who are not able to sleep properly because of problems like obstructive sleep apnea may also suffer from secondary bedwetting.

Parents may need to bring their children to the doctor for proper diagnosis, medication and treatment if necessary. Although these conditions do not usually affect the majority of children, parents need to be sure that the bedwetting problems of their children are not caused by any medical condition or any health condition.